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Sunday explainer: Does survey signal US-style health system for Australia?

via www.smh.com.au


Health Minister Sussan Ley launched an online survey last Sunday, asking voters what they think about private health cover. She said consumers aren’t getting value for their money and called for a review of the private health insurance industry.

But the survey has raised concerns the government is considering US-style insurance reforms that could threaten Australia’s universal healthcare system.

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Growing obesity epidemic is overtaking smoking as the new health crisis in NSW

via www.dailytelegraph.com.au


ALMOST four million adults and a quarter of all school-aged children living in NSW are now considered to be either overweight or critically obese.

And our battle with the bulge comes with an equally staggering price tag, it’s now costing the state an estimated $19 ­billion a year.

The problem is so serious, Health Minister Jillian Skinner last week summoned the top brass of prominent health ­organisations, along with high-­ranking Health ­Department ­experts, for a crisis meeting on the obesity epidemic gripping NSW.

For the first time executives from the National Heart Foundation, Diabetes NSW, Cancer Council, Pharmacy Guild and Australian Medical Association met with NSW Health officials in a bid to find a solution.

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Stop blaming the beach for skin cancer, the real melanoma risk is at home, Cancer Council warns

via www.news.com.au


THE beach is no longer Australia’s biggest skin cancer danger, we’re more likely to get sunburnt in our own backyards gardening and doing household chores.

Half of all sunburn now occurs during gardening and chores, recreational reading and BBQs or picnics in the park, new Cancer Council research reveals.

This dwarfs the 29 per cent of adults sunburnt during activities at the beach, lake or pool, as well as the 21 per cent sunburnt playing sport or in other outdoor recreation.

Cancer Council research has found while we’ve learnt not to sunbake on the sand we’re ignorant of how incidental sun exposure can raise our risk of skin cancer.

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Ambos push for paramedic licence

via www.cairnspost.com.au


AMBULANCE officers save lives on a daily basis and apply medical treatment, yet they are still not regarded as healthcare professionals within Australia.

Now they are aiming to address this by lobbying the state and federal governments for a national registration program for paramedics.

There are currently 13,000 paramedics working across the nation in public and private sectors, but they are not recognised as healthcare professionals in any state or territory.

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How cannabis could revamp the Christmas Island economy

via www.abc.net.au/news


It may be thousands of kilometres away from Perth’s corporate heart, but Christmas Island is being eyed off to become home to Australia’s first medicinal cannabis industry.

The planned new direction for the island’s economy has been driven by research from Murdoch University that has debunked the myth that the area is unsuitable for agriculture.

The studies show the island is ideal for growing medicinal cannabis.

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