How to Post a Free Heathcare Job Ad

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How to Post a Healthcare Job Ad

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Step 1 Register with

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Hint– If you have already registered for a account, please go to step 2.

    • On the home page, click the register button on the top right hand corner of the page:
    • Enter your desired user name and your email address then click the I’m not a robot button.  Once the green tick appears – click on the blue Register Button

    • You will receive a “Welcome to Medicalview” email confirming your username and password.


Step 2 Log on to

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    • If you have just registered as a user, or are an existing user – click the Login button on the top right hand corner of the page:
    • Enter your username and password, tick the I am not a robot box and click the orange Log In button:

Step 3 Set up your profile and contact information

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  • For new users or existing users – once you log in you can create or update your profile and contact information.  For new users please do this before you place your advertisement.  Existing users can proceed straight to Submit property or My properties options.  To add or update your Profile – Click on the profile button on the top right hand corner of the page:
  • Fill in your name and contact information and please go to the password section and replace your auto-generated password with the password of your choice.

  • Optional – Biographical Info is Optional.


  • Once your profile is complete, click the Save Changes button:


Step 4 Draft your Job Ad

  • Click on the Healthcare Jobs Tab or GP Wanted Tab and scroll down to the Post A job option on the menu:
  • Fill in the job title, location, type, category and description using the fields on the page

    • The job Title field will be used as the heading for your advertisement:
    • The location you type in will show on a map
    • The Job Type – please note – you can add more than one type here
    • The Job Category – click in the box and thenselect from the drop down menu
    • Description – Put all the job details here. You can add as much text as you like and you can format this text – selecting from the small menu above. Please also ensure you include a Contact name, phone number and email in this section.

Next you will need to fill in the Contact details for the applications to go to.


Type in the contact email address

    • Click in the “Closing Date” field and a calendar will appear. Choose a date from the Calendar – please note this step is optional
    • Enter a figure in the salary field – this is also optional

Company Details.

If you have listed a job before – Medicalview will remember the Company details. If not, please just enter the details in the fields:

    • Company Name
    • Website – this is optional but you can just copy your website URL and paste in this field if you wish
    • Phone – A contact phone number – this is optional but we recommend including a phone number for GP wanted ads as this is often very helpful.
    • Video & Twitter – these are also optional
    • Logo – if you do choose a logo – the image field only supports a small square image. If you do not have have a square logo then I would recommend that you leave this field black as it will chop off part of the image.


Once all the information is entered – we are ready to Preview the Job ad vertisement prior to publishing it on the site.

Hit the preview button!

This will display a preview of the Ad – so you can see how it will look once it is published.

If you want to make any changes hit the edit button and that will take you back to the previous page and you can change/update any of the fields.

If you are happy with everything – hit the Submit button!

This will publish your Advetisement.

If you need to make further changes you can update the ad at anytime.

Once you have posted or drafted an ad – this ad will be saved in your Jobs Dashboard.

You can access the Job Dashboard any time you are logged in.

Simply choose Job Dashboard from the drop down menu under Healthcare Jobs.
Then a list of any your jobs drafted or posted will appear – so current and past items are all saved here.

So you can choose edit to go back into the ad and make changes or you can delete etc.

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