Looking for Medical Rooms?

Visit www.medicalview.com.au today. We advertise premises suitable for Healthcare Professionals only. Our website is designed to make searching for suitable medical property easy.

Alternatively- if you have space in your practice – you can advertise your own rooms with us – simply Register as a User – then you can log in and submit a property. It is a very simple website to use and if you have any difficulty you can always contact us for assistance by email at [email protected]u or you can call us on 1300 795 611.

We understand that Healthcare professionals are very busy and are often time poor due to their high workload. Searching for the right location and space type can be very time consuming. There are often many factors to consider such as parking, public transport, disables access, proximity to Hospitals or other service providers and so on.

By only advertising premises that are suitable for medical occupants, we hope that medicalview.com.au is able to make this search easier and less confusing.