Metrowest – Medical Property Investment & Development

Metrowest – Medical Property Investment & Development

Medical Property Investment & Development

Metrowest is a Western Australian commercial property developer, project partner and investor.
We can assist with a range of property development matters, including:

  • Project feasibilities
  • Joint ventures
  • Property acquisition
  • Tailored property design to tenant requirements
  • Landlord and tenant fitouts
  • Equity funding

Our approach

Metrowest’s involvement in a project is flexible. This can range from simply discussing the development potential of a property to participating as a joint venture developer and/or shareholder.
As builder and developer we must ensure that the building is designed, approved, constructed, fitted out and completed to meet the project’s objectives. If the building is a technical building the project program and milestones can be particularly onerous. However we have a very good track record and take pride in being able to deliver on time and based on cost expectations.

Our resources

Metrowest’s property development capability remains in house and is the result of our involvement with a broad range of projects across many years. With experience as developers, builders and property managers, Metrowest is well equipped to consider the technical and financial aspects of each development opportunity.


Please call Peter Robinson or James Robinson on 08 9416 0666 or alternatively on:

Peter 0419 393 593

James 0419 908 641

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